Humour Unit Opener Talk About It Constructing and Extending Meaning Little Red Riding Hood Fractured Fairy Tale by James Finn Garner 133 134 135 Focus on Media Focus on Reading 137 Analyzing Audience Responses Campaign Emails from the Donahue Family Pet Debate Story by Johnny McNulty 137 167 169 Invasion of the Snotty Badgers Flash Fiction by Karin Weber 140 Really?!? Blog Entry by Sabrina Jalees 142 144 A Teenage Philospher Defends Missing Her Curfew Rant by Haley Joelle Ott 174 My Mom Is an English Teacher Song Lyrics by Alison Jutzi The Fault in Our Stars Novel Excerpt by John Green iPhone Left in Hot Car 178 Focus on Genre Analyzing Narrative and Expository Writing in Scripts Form 17 Short Film Script by Seth Worley, Neil Hoppe, and Aharon Rabinowitz 149 News Parody posted on The Onion Focus on Writing 151 Improving Word Choice Sunken Oil Tanker Will Be Habitat for Marine Life News Parody posted on The Onion 181 183 Yeti The World Ends on Wednesday Skits by Tim Cooper 160 How Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Should Have Ended Script by Danny Dillabough 186 I Am the Invisible Thing That Holds Together the Two Halves of a Compound Word Monologue by Ben Greenman 164 I See You Think I’m Not Very Interesting Open Letter by Scott Feschuk 188 Up for Debate 166 Not Enough Horses Short Story by Thomas King 190 What Do You Think Now? 194 vi Contents 190 NEL