DI INTErEST For the Responding Creatively activity, some students may be interested in researching songs or videos on the theme of photography, and connecting what they find to the essay. Remind students about choosing lyrics and visuals that are suitable for the classroom. Students could research the app they select online, using the app’s website, as well as online reviews and articles. They could also interview users whom they know well. As a class, discuss the possible criteria for rating the apps. Have students organize their ideas before writing. Have them share their reviews in small groups. Ask group members to provide feedback on how well the reviews would appeal to the target audience. Responding Creatively: Choose either the essay or the infographic and produce a creative response using whatever media you wish. For example, you could create another type of infographic or photo essay. Share your creative response with others and consider their feedback. Students should be able to explain how their reading of the text or infographic led to their creative response, or how their work reflects the theme or style of the original. Extension Options The following activities provide opportunities for students to respond to the text. Choose specific learning tasks based on student needs, or let students choose an activity based on their interests or learning styles. WrITING AND rEprESENTING: TWEET Think of a photo that is very meaningful to you. Write a tweet to your followers, attaching the photo and explaining why it is so important to you. WrITING AND rEprESENTING: rESpONDING crEATIVELy Use one of these quotations from the essay, or another quotation of your choice: “By transforming how people engaged with photography, Eastman transformed how they engaged with one another,” “The communal experience shared at a distance—another upshot of George Eastman’s vision.” Create a photo display, painting, mixed media artwork, or performance art piece that represents your interpretation of the idea that you chose. Present your creation to the class. WrITING AND rEprESENTING: phOTO ALBuM Create a photo album (digital or print) about life to share with future generations. Include 5 to 10 photos. Write a caption for each photo, and/or write an inscription explaining why you chose each photo. Experiment with different filters and effects. NEL The Pocket Camera Moment 53