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Foundation Statements

  • Students enter grade 11 science courses after having successfully completed studies in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science as individual strands in grade 9 and 10 science courses. The Nelson Education grade 11 series in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics engages students in learning activities that will extend their knowledge and further develop the skills and attitudes they need in preparation for postsecondary studies.

  • The three grade 11 programs present their respective subjects not only as intellectual pursuits but also as rich and exciting activity-based enterprises operating within a social context. Activities accommodate multiple intelligences and are designed to suit a variety of learning styles. Students work individually and cooperatively on a rich assortment of closed-ended and open-ended activities and have ample opportunities to practise new learning. Safety is emphasized in all activities.

  • Meaningful connections are made among science, technology, society and the environment (STSE) in all three programs. The STSE focus serves to unify the series. Whenever possible, concepts are introduced in relation to real-world problems and issues. Varied situations are provided in all three resources for students to practise and improve their skills of inquiry, critical thinking, research, and decision-making. They confront issues related to human values and deal with situations that further develop "habits of mind" that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

  • Opportunities to incorporate the use of information technologies for collecting, organizing, and presenting information are provided in the activities of each program.