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Yukon: History Teacher Centre


Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.

Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre:








Web Links

The best information at this site is located under the "Teacher's Forum" section. Direct students to select, "Beringia Quest" and then choose topics from the background information. The "Kids Corner" link offers two word searches: an easier one, and a harder one. This Web site is available in French.

Yukon History  

This history article from the Yukon government Web site is quite accessible for most students. It is a useful supplement to the history provided in InfoCanada Yukon.




Answer Key

?_Geography Yukon Timeline

The third column of the student worksheet requires students to draw inferences from the events they record. Some students may need assistance with this.

           Before students discuss their timelines with each other, remind them that there are no "right or wrong" answers, since all the dates and events listed in the article are important! However, it is important that they be able to state their reasons for including an event. Explain that discussing their reasons with other students helps clarify their thinking, and that it's okay if they want to adjust their timelines following the discussion.


Click here to view the student activity.