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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activities

Here are some activities to help you gather information from the Web sites:

?_Geography Maple Syrup Facts and Figures




Web Links

A Slice of Quebec

This site includes many facts and statistics about Quebec, including the industries in which Quebec excels. Find out the importance of these industries to the people of Quebec: aerospace, bio-food, call centres, biopharmaceuticals, tourism, forestry, and information technology.

Quebec Forestry Industry

Have you ever wanted to make your own paper? This site has a recipe! Just click on "Educational Games" to find it. There is also a detailed description of how pulp and paper is made from wood chips, and pictures of the machinery used. To discover a surprising number of products made from wood processing, click on "A Thousand and One Products" under the main "Forestry Industry" menu. Would you believe . photo film and sponges?

Quebec Maple Syrup Industry

Everything you always wanted to know about Quebec's maple syrup industry is at this site! Did you know that maple syrup also contains calcium? Under "Nutritional Values," you can find more about the nutrients of maple syrup. Recipes are also available on this site.

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Web Activity

?_Geography Maple Syrup Facts and Figures

1. Go to the Quebec Maple Syrup Industry Web site. Click here to download a

    worksheet on which to record your information.

2. What information does this bar graph display?

3. What is being compared? During what period of time?

4. How many litres of maple syrup does each coloured block represent between

    two digits, for example, between 0 and 5 or between 5 and 10?

5. How much maple syrup, in litres did Quebec produce in 1997?

6. In what year did Quebec have the lowest maple syrup production?

7. Click on the home link at the bottom left hand side of the page. Then click on

    exports . What are the top ten countries Quebec exports maple syrup to?

8. What conclusion can you draw about Quebec and the world when it comes to

    maple syrup production?



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