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Tourism & Recreation

Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre.

?_Geography  Castles in PEI TV Commercial



Web Links

Snowmobiling in PEI

This Web page offers information about snowmobiling, a popular winter activity on the island. Use the link to have students consider why the island's climate and landscape make it a perfect place for snowmobile adventures. You could also ask students to consider why promoting winter tourism in PEI could benefit the island.

Woodleigh Replicas

Students will enjoy exploring the Web site for this unusual PEI tourist attraction.





Answer Key

?_Geography Castles in PEI TV Commercial

Use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate the students' charts:

  • the student uses point-form notes
  • the student paraphrases to concisely summarize information from the site
  • in the last two rows of the chart, the student combines information from more than one link on the site's navigation bar

Use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate the students' TV commercials:

  • the students include appropriate information
  • the students state the information in a way that will make it sound appealing to prospective visitors
  • the students speak clearly and convey enthusiasm
  • the students' presentation shows evidence of adequate preparation
          Click here to view the student activity.