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Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre.





Web Links

Confederation Centre of the Arts

The Web site for Charlottetown's Confederation Centre of the Arts includes information about the many different shows and activities currently featured at the centre. Use this page to spark discussion about why the arts are important in a community-socially, culturally, and economically.

Acadian Museum

The Acadian Museum's comprehensive Web site offers a wealth of information about the museum and its exhibits. Students can view objects from the museum's collection to see what these reveal about the Acadians. The activity offers students an opportunity to convert textual information into a flow chart.




Answer Key

?_Geography Flow Chart

Use or adapt the following criteria to evaluate students' flow charts:

  • the student records the different stages of the "Virtual Visit" in the correct sequence
  • the student clearly labels each stage of the visit
  • the student records one or two details for each stage of the visit
  • the student uses point form to record details  

          Click here to view the student activity.