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Nova Scotia: Government & Society  Teacher Centre


Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Click on the link below for an answer key to the activity in the Student Centre.

?_Geography Ministry Information, Please!



Web Links

Nova Scotia Notebook

This site provides students with a quick reference for up-to-date facts on Nova Scotia's provincial government, including:

  • information about the date and results of the last provincial election
  • the names of people who hold key positions, such as premier, lieutenant-governor, leader of the official opposition, and speaker of the House of Assembly

The site also includes a brief timeline of Nova Scotia's role in bringing democracy to Canada.

Communications Nova Scotia

This site provides links to news releases from the Nova Scotia government. The site offers an opportunity to familiarize students with news releases as an important source of information, and to help students better understand the different roles and activities of the provincial government.


Answer Key

?_Geography Ministry Information, Please!

Ministry Information, Please!

              The fourth column of the chart will likely require students to make inferences. See if students are able to infer general information about the role of each ministry from the specific information in each news release. Students may find it helpful to complete one or two rows of the chart as a class before attempting the activity individually or in pairs. Class discussion of entries from students' charts will help to reinforce to process of making inferences.

              Step 5 of this activity encourages students to become critical consumers of media. Ask students to volunteer responses and discuss how their examples promote a positive view of the government. Check to see if students are picking up on specific words and phrases that carry positive connotations.


             Click here to download the student activity.