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Arts & Culture  

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography Venn Diagram




Web Links


Folk songs can tell us a lot about the people who sang them. Visit this Web page and click on the song titles to read the lyrics of popular folk songs from the province. What do the lyrics tell you about what life was once like in Newfoundland and Labrador?

The Mummering Tradition

Mummering is a traditional Christmas custom in rural Newfoundland. Visit this Web page to find out what mummering is, and learn about how the custom started and how it has changed over the years.





Web Activity

?_Geography Venn Diagram

1. Visit The Mummering Tradition.  

2. Read the information on the page.

3. Compare mummering in the past and the present by recording information

    in a Venn diagram. Click here to download a Venn Diagram. In the centre

    part of the diagram, record information that applies to mummering both in

    the past and in the present. In the left part of the diagram, record details

    that apply only to mummering in the past. In the right part of the diagram,

    record details that apply only to mummering in the present.

4. Think of a custom that you're familiar with from your family or community.

   Write a paragraph to describe that custom to someone who has never

    experienced it.