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Manitoba: Tourism & Recreation Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from the Web sites:

?_Geography Postcard





Web Links

Parks Canada     

Where could you find a polar bear or a captive bison herd? Manitoba is home to two national parks: Riding Mountain and Wapusk. At this Web site you can find out why these areas have been preserved as natural wonders and cultural treasures. If you want to visit the parks, complete visitor information is also provided.

Travel Manitoba

So you want to visit Manitoba! The Travel Manitoba Web site has all the most recent information about planning your trip to the "keystone" province. You can order free vacation planning kits, find suitable accommodations, learn about the provincial parks, and even get local maps at this site.





Web Activity

?_Geography Postcard

In this activity you will create a descriptive postcard about a tourist or recreation site in Manitoba.

1. Visit the Travel Manitoba Web site. Select "English" when the page


2. Explore the Web site. Choose an activity under "Quick Links", or click on

    "Adventure Guide" , "Provincial Parks", or "Visitor Info" .

3. When you have finished exploring, create a postcard to send to someone.

    You can draw one yourself, create one from images at the Web site, or

    click on "Free Stuff" on the menu on the top of the screen. Choose "Image

     Library" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. On the back of your postcard, write a short description of how this image

    represents tourism and/or recreation in Manitoba. Note that if you choose

    a postcard from the Web site, the postcards aren't labelled, so you will

    have to explore to find out what events, places, or activities are connected

    with your choice! You can use the "Perform a Site Search" function to find

    out more information about the image you have selected. For example, if

    you choose the postcard with the ballerinas, search "ballet" in the search

    function to find out about ballet events in Manitoba.

5. Share your postcard with your classmates.