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The Interior Plains: Why People Visit Student Centre

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Web Links

Parks Canada

Canada's national parks protect the natural environment. Many national parks are scattered across the Interior Plains. This Web site from Parks Canada takes you to these parks. This particular link takes you to the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. It preserves the natural grasslands that once covered the prairies. If you would like to visit other national parks in the region, click on the links to Alberta, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Have you ever visited a World Heritage Site? There are many such sites in Canada. They are an important way of preserving the past. At this site, you can find all of the World Heritage Sites in the Interior Plains. There are links to other sites in Canada, too, as well as to sites in other countries around the world. You'll find interesting information at the Just for Kids link. At the Education link, you can find out what young people can do to help preserve our heritage.