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The Cordillera: Why People Visit Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Beautiful British Columbia Activity



Web Links

Parks Canada

The Parks Canada Web site provides links to all of Canada's national parks, by province and territory. In Yukon, students can find out more about Kluane National Park. They can also look for other national parks in the Cordillera through the British Columbia link. The site also provides a Teacher Guide section with ongoing activities, programs, and competitions.


Beautiful BC

This on-line travel guide is an excellent source of information about the many and varied tourist activities in British Columbia, from action/adventure tourism to nature trips to luxury cruises. Students can click on a region on the home page map to find links to activities. There are also recreational guides to a variety of tourism adventures.


Tour Yukon

This Web site provides comprehensive information for travel to Yukon. It includes a Just for Kids link where students can view photographs and a video about the interesting and exciting travel opportunities in this part of the Cordillera.


Answer Key

Beautiful British Columbia


The Beautiful BC Web site provides detailed information on accommodations and tourist attractions in British Columbia. Students will likely need time to explore this site and to choose a region, accommodation, and attractions. In designing their contest brochure, students can use a single-page format or create a tri-fold pamphlet. The variations on regions, accommodations, and attractions are open-ended.


Students' brochures should be neatly and attractively prepared and should include descriptions, photographs, a map, and a title. You should review assessment criteria with students using the Poster Rubric (AT 3) on page 93 of the Geographical Regions Teacher's Guide before beginning this activity.


After students have completed the activity, review their responses to the Web site evaluation and discuss the reasons for their answers.



Click here to view the student activity.