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The Canadian Shield: Plants and Animals Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.



Web Links

Hinterland Who's Who

Many animal species in the Canadian Shield are so representative of Canada that they appear on our money. At this Hinterland Who's Who Web site, students can learn about the birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles of the region, including information about their habitats, physical adaptations, and behaviours.

Canada's Forests

The Canadian Shield has three main vegetation regions: tundra, boreal forest, and mixed forest. The largest region is the boreal forest. At this site, students can compare the boreal forest with other forest types in Canada. It includes detailed descriptions and good photographs.

The Virtual Forest

This excellent Web site provides detailed information about the plants and animals of the boreal forest. It includes a glossary with pictures of plant and animal species. It also provides information about plants and animals in other boreal forests around the world, thereby giving students the opportunity to compare these with species in Canada. In the Activities, Projects, and Lessons section, students can learn a variety of things about the boreal forest, including why trees are important to us and how paper is made.