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British Columbia: Challenges & Opportunities  Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography The Future Looks...



Web Links

Climate Change in British Columbia

The climate in southwestern British Columbia is slowly changing. This could mean disaster for the salmon fishing industry, forestry, and agriculture in the province. Find out why at the Natural Resources Canada Web site. This Web site is designed for students and teachers. It provides excellent information about climate change issues affecting British Columbia.  


Team Canada: BC Business Overseas

Canada-and British Columbia's-economic success depends on providing goods and services to customers around the world. Read about some BC companies who joined with the federal government's Team Canada to explore international markets and are now succeeding internationally.




Web Activity

?_Geography The Future Looks...

How is British Columbia meeting the challenge of finding new markets and developing new industries? (See the information on page 54 of InfoCanada British Columbia .) Follow the steps in this assignment, and then decide for yourself!

1. Visit Team Canada: BC Business Overseas.

2. Read through the success stories of BC businesses that have joined with

    Team Canada to increase their sales overseas.

3. Choose one BC business to gather information on. Click here to download

    a worksheet to help you gather information. In addition to the questions on

    the worksheet, add other useful information you may come across in the

    article, or at the company's Web site.

4. Share your findings with another student. After discussing the information,

    decide whether the future looks bright for the company, or whether the

    future looks grim for the company. Is British Columbia meeting the

    challenge of finding new markets and developing new industries? Support

    your answer with evidence from your information.