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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Here is an activity to help you gather information from one of the Web sites:

?_Geography  Time Travel: Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village



Web Links

Women of Aspenland Images from Central Alberta

Aspenland is the term used to describe central Alberta. This site features a virtual exhibit exploring the women and events of this part of Alberta. You can read or listen to readings about the area, view photos, and find out about more than 170 of the women who helped shape the communities.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is an open-air museum that was built to resemble pioneer settlements in east central Alberta. This Web site uses maps, interviews, music, photographs and more to help you discover and learn more about the buildings, history, and lifestyles of some of Alberta's early settlers.




Web Activity

?_Geography  Time Travel: Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Take a virtual tour of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to learn more about one culture of people, the Ukrainians, who settled in Alberta.

1. Click here to begin your virtual visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage

    Village .

2. Read each screen and follow the guided tour to help you answer the following

    questions. Each Web page you come to has a title. The title given beside the

    question tells you which page has the answer to the question. Sometimes you

    have to scroll through lots of pages to find the right one! Click here to download

    a worksheet on which to record your answers.

a) Village History: What is the major theme of the


b) What to expect on site: What is the "living history"

    approach used in the village?

c) Site landscape: What are the three zones that the

   Village has been organized into?

d) Emigration and Settlement: Where did the

    Ukrainian pioneers come from?

e) Emigration and Settlement: Why did they leave

    the Ukraine?

f) Pylypow House: What did Iwan Pylypow tell other

   Ukrainians that caused them to come to Canada?

g) Hawreliak House: From looking at the floor plan

   and the photographs of the Hawreliak House, would

   you say that this family had found a better life in

  Alberta than that they left in the Ukraine?

h) The Newly Arrived Immigrants: What was the

   Canadian government's homestead program?

i) Burdei: What is a burdei?

j) Luzan Grocery: What purposes did the community

  store serve?

k) Kiew Hall: What events were held at community


3. After you have taken the virtual tour of the Village, write a paragraph

    summarizing when the Ukrainians came to Alberta, why they came, what

    affected where they settled in Alberta, and what their communities were like.