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Terms and Conditions

Shipping Terms

FOB shipping point.


Our experienced Distribution Centre staff will select the carrier that will provide the most efficient and economical delivery from our warehouse to your door.

Price Quotes

Please note that all price quotes are valid for 30 days. All prices are subject to change without notice.
When placing an order based on a quote, the original quote must be provided or referenced. All orders based on quotes will ship complete as freight is quoted based on a complete shipment.

Payment Terms

All invoices are due and payable to Nelson within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise noted on the invoice or agreed to in writing. You may pay by credit card (VISA/MasterCard), cheque or money order.


Nelson's policy is to identify the charge for the Harmonized/Goods and Service Tax (HST/GST) as a separate single item on each invoice. The tax rate applicable to each item is identified on each line on the invoice.

HST/GST#/T.P.S.: 846117190RT0001
QST #/T.V.Q.: 12 1323 1525 TQ0001

International Customers

Any Customs/Duties and import fees for shipments outside of Canada are the responsibility of the customer.


The status of a product can affect the length of time in which it can be returned, or possibly preclude it from being returned altogether. See below for a summary of Product Statuses that can affect the ability to return. If you are uncertain about the status of a book, please contact Customer Support. Or, visit our Service Plus website to review titles with OE/OP/RO status.

Old Edition (OE):

OE titles must be returned within 3 months (90 days) of being declared OE.
OE titles will be sold non-returnable.

Out-of-Print (OP):

OP titles must be returned within 3 months (90 days) of being declared OP.
OP titles will be sold non-returnable.

Run Out (RO):

RO titles must be returned within 3 months (90 days) of being declared RO.
RO titles will be sold non-returnable.


Custom titles are subject to 100% returns as indicated on your invoice.