World Religions: A Canadian Catholic Perspective
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Chapter 4: The Story of Judaism

Lesson 1

3. Report on Judaism in Canada, TR page 88

Students can use websites and other, local sources to research Jewish places of worship in the community. Sample sources:

4. Famous Canadian Jews

Option 1: Video: Sarah Mayoff: Enterprising Against the Odds, TR page 88

Sarah Mayoff: Enterprising Against the Odds is one episode in a 13-part series called "Mother Tongue." To purchase a copy of the video for educational use, contact the distributor.

Lesson 2

Materials: recommended video, TR page 89

The recommended video One Human Spirit (a documentary of interviews with Shoah survivors) is available through the Discovery Education teacher store.

4. Solomon's Temple, TR page 92

The following are sources of information about Solomon's Temple:

Lesson 3

5. or Virtual Tour, TR page 99

To take a virtual look inside a synagogue, see

Lesson 6

6. Make Personal Connections

Students read the story of Katie Spencer on tikkun olam and discuss its meaning.



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