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Created specifically for languages, iLrn is an all-in-one course management system developed to engage students and elevate thinking through listening, speaking, reading, and contextualized writing activities. Its ease of use, communication tools, and superior content — including multimedia and authentic materials — save instructors time and help students succeed in the course.

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Elevate Thinking

iLrn resources allow students to learn basic vocabulary and grammar and apply what they learn using communication tools.

Students use the Voiceboard to record their interactions with their instructor and classmates in the language they are learning.

Share It! puts the power of social media into action. Through sharing videos, media files, and voice threads, Share It! encourages students and instructors to interact in meaningful, real-world ways using the target language.

Promote Better Outcomes

iLrn facilitates learning by increasing student engagement.

Pre- and post-tests support students in becoming autonomous learners so they are better prepared for class participation and exams.

Self-assessments generate an individualized study plan, linking students to resources that help them accomplish course objectives while empowering them to learn.

Assignment filters make course setup quick and easy.

With the Integrated, customizable gradebook, you can track online activity results, create custom columns for student participation, access the testing program, provide feedback on instructor-assessed activities, and so on.

Easily Set Your Course

Manage, administer or customize iLrn to meet your unique course needs.

Instructor Dashboard and Calendar streamline course management. Easily set your course and manage, administer, or customize to meet course needs.

Audio- and video-enhanced eBook can be customized with notes, links to web sites, YouTube videos, and replacement or deletion of text.


“iLrn is a fully integrated, Internet-based program that allows students opportunities to receive a variety of modes of input and complete multiple types of output activities while controlling the pace of their own learning.”

Anne Carlson, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

“A great customizable program that will allow you to select activities, assign videos, and use diagnostic assignments to assist with the learning process.”

Tammie Bolling, Tennessee Technology Center at Jacksboro

“It is the entire textbook package online: printed textbook, audio files, exercises, tests & quizzes, and feedback on where a student has weaknesses and how to work on them.”

Cynthia Caloia, ELAC

“It is a very valuable instructional tool that has the possibility to engage students in and outside of the classroom in very interesting ways.”

Gerard Beck, George Mason University

“iLrn provides great practice exercises, review exercises, and homework assignments (both listening and written).”

Stacey Ayotte, University of Montevallo

“iLrn is a well-designed, interactive, student-oriented site. It provides plenty of different learning strategies and opportunities to track a student's progress and improvement.”

Katherine Lawber, Salve Regina University


Leveraging Technology to Meet the Needs of Today's Language Learners and Educators

Download the White Paper

iLrn Is Key to Communication Competence in Debora Rager's Online Intro and Advanced Spanish Courses

Download the Success Story

Dr. Nancy Blain notes an increase in student engagement in Introductory and Intermediate Spanish

Download the Success Story

Training & Support

Videos for Instructors

To create an I-learn account, simply go to the site and select the login button, then select Create Account.

1. Create an Account

To set up your I-learn course, request a book key from the site or your sales rep, then follow the prompts to complete the setup.

2. Create a Course

I-learn access for teaching assistants is easy from the I-learn Class Tap and Class Info subtab.

3. Granting Access to Assistants

Select the I-learn instructor dashboard and manage your course by assigning, grading and assessing progress from one screen. The calendar lets you create notes to your class, see scores and assignment completion rates.

4. Navigate Dashboard and Calendar

Assign activities in I-learn begins with entering your course and selecting the assigned activities. A menu gives you other options.

5. Assign Activities

The Share it tool allows students to share and upload files. Learn how to upload to Share It in I-learn.

6. Collaborate with Share It!

I-learn shows you how students are doing on their diagnostic self-tests. Select student names for scores, details and study plan.

7. Track Self-Tests

The instructor dashboard gives you options to grade student activities in I-learn. Grade by student or by question.

8. Grading Overview

The I-learn instructor dashboard lets you grade activities and specific sections to review.

9. Grade an Activity

With I-learn you can administer tests and time student access to the tests. Grades then directly into the gradebook.

10. Access the Testing Program

Enhancements to I-learn include improved navigation, more student feedback, updates to course management and grading, and mobile-friendly eBooks.

11. iLrn Enhancements

Videos for Students

Creating your I-learn account starts with selecting the login button, your book key, and your instructor course code.

1. Create an Account

If you purchase the wrong access card you may need to upgrade to I-learn learning center. Learn more about upgrading.

2. Easy Upgrade

Easily access your book. Go to the I-learn homepage and complete just two steps to log in to your class.

3. Login to My Class

You can track your assignments in I-learn by viewing your results and your performance in the course.

4. View My Results

To transfer or drop a course, I-learn student workstation makes it easy.

5. Transfer Sections or Drop a Class

I-learn’s Share It took lets you discuss, rate and review uploaded files. It’s easy to use.

6. Collaborate with Share It!

View upcoming assignments using the I-learn calendar.

7. anaging Your Calendar and Assignment List

Access I-learn diagnostics to take a self-test to see what you know and what you need to study.

8. Use Self-Tests

Complete I-learn voice activities by yourself or with other students.

9. Complete a Voice Activity

Accessing a one-on-one personal tutor is easy with I-learn. Audio and interactive whiteboard are some of the options.

10. Accessing Personal Tutor

Instructor Guide

Access the Instructor Quick Start Guide to get your class up and running easily.

Access Instructor Guide

Student Guide

Access the Student Quick Start Guide for first time and returning students.

Access Student Guide


Review frequently asked questions for Instructors and Students.

Visit the iLrn FAQs

Technical Support

Your adoption of iLrn includes technical support for you and your students.

Connect with Tech Support

Course Catalog

Created specifically for languages, iLrn is available across the curriculum to engage students and elevate thinking through listening, speaking, reading, and contextual writing activities.


Faculty Development Online Webinars

Boost your skill through virtual events with thought-leaders.

Select the webinar best for you

Created for advanced-level Language courses, iLrn Advance provides students with additional opportunities to practice communicating in the target language.

  • Grammar tutorials review the key grammar to succeed in the course.
  • Assignable and trackable activities provide extra practice for students outside of class. Each chapter includes audio- or video-based exercises to help students listen and practice the target language.
  • Share It! puts the power of social media into action. Through sharing music, videos, media files, and voice threads, and allowing instructors and peers to easily view and comment, Share It! encourages students to interact in meaningful, real-world ways using the target language.
  • Additional practice materials (such as podcasts) provide opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of key concepts.

Heinle eSAM is an online version of the Student Activities Manual. This easy-to-use online homework solution delivers web-based activities to students. It's ideal for instructors who want to take the first step toward enhancing the student language learning experience with technology.

  • Each of the activities in your text's Student Activities Manual is included in the eSAM. Additional audio recordings and videos enable students to listen to and practice the language.
  • Integrated Gradebook tracks auto-graded activities and makes course setup quick and easy.
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