Custom Publishing Benefits


  • Select only the materials your students require.
  • Access all Nelson and Cengage resources.
  • Use resources that are up to date and easily revised.
  • Include your own material, if you wish.
  • Personalize the cover.
  • Get more positive course evaluations.
  • With Compose, the process is easier than ever!


  • They purchase only what they require and use everything they purchase.
  • Their perceived value of the course material increases.
  • They know exactly what they will be graded on.


  • The book is required by the instructors, which increases bookstore sales.
  • Sell-through is better.
  • Adoptions are school-specific, therefore custom texts are not available online.
  • Return allowance is 100%.
  • Delivery is guaranteed to be on time if the books are ordered prior to the deadline.