Nelson Education Collections

Nelson Education Custom Publishing is proud to present curated collections of cases, readings, and resources across disciplines from which customers can pick the most relevant for their courses. Our databases are constantly expanding and adding fresh material. The following are our collections:

Political Science
Crosscurrents was developed as a collection of readings that would not only challenge students to think through a number of contemporary political issues, but also foster an understanding of and tolerance for the views of others. For each issue in the Crosscurrents Collection, an introduction provides the reader with the necessary background, placing the subject in the context of more general principles of concern to the study of politics. Two essays then present conflicting viewpoints. Finally, a postscript offers a short commentary on the debate and suggests readings for students who wish to explore the topic further.

Nelson Education has created Visions to be a traditional peer-reviewed resource with the newest production techniques to address key issues that history instructors told us they were facing in the classroom. Each module is organized around a theme or question that is frequently taught in the tutorial or seminar portion of your course. The modules combine carefully chosen primary and secondary sources with a contextual introduction, questions to help you guide your students through the material, annotations for unfamiliar material, and suggestions for further readings.

The Maple Collection
English & Composition
Nelson Education is proud to present The Maple Collection, a collection of over 230 readings, the majority of which are by Canadian authors. On the dedicated Maple Collection site you will be able to browse the readings by author, title, theme, or rhetorical mode, as well as preview all the readings to help you decide what to include in your perfect custom reader! We are now pleased to offer the option of each reading being available either with or without pedagogy. The pedagogy includes paragraph numbering, Notes and Definitions, Structure and Technique, and Topics for Discussion and Writing.

This flexible solution allows you to give your students a customized resource they will use in its entirety.

Why not include selections from our other collections, chapters from any Nelson or Cengage text, or even your own course notes? Start browsing and build your perfect reader today!

The Maple Business Case Collection
Business & Economics
Nelson Education's Maple Business Case Collection offers you a wide and growing selection of real-world Canadian and international case studies to choose from. On the dedicated Maple Business Case Collection site you will be able to browse the readings by subject, author, case title, source text, Canadian/international, or for-profit/not-for-profit, as well as preview all the readings to assist in building the best resource for you and your students.