what do you think? Artistic expression can help heal the wounds created by conflict. agree disagree Artwork by Gonçalo Mabunda, Sabina Zeba Haque, and Nora Heysen Conflict Artists Respond to Conflict is a grim reality that every country faces at some time— whether it’s rioting, civil unrest, or all-out war. Sometimes artistic inspiration can come from unlikely subjects. Artists responding to conflict can capture its harsh realities and send a message—a plea for change. GonçaloMabunda AK-47s, land mines, rocket launchers, tank parts, and the boots of soldiers are all just art supplies for sculptor Gonçalo Mabunda. Mabunda was born in Mozambique in 1975. Two years later, a civil war that would last until 1992 broke out in the country. Though Mozambique has spent the last two decades in relative peace, the land is still littered with hidden weapons, unexploded land mines, and other instruments of war. Mabunda takes these instruments and turns them into works of art. “If we destroy the weapons, the same weapon’s not going to kill anymore,” he explains. Mabunda began sculpting shortly after the civil war ended. He describes his early works as coming from a place of insecurity; his art reflected his fear that the peace in his country would not last. He hopes that his art will serve as a reminder of Mozambique’s history and ensure peace for future generations. Gonçalo Mabunda poses with several of his sculptures. All the pieces, including the chairs and saxophone, are created from instruments of war. 48 Nelson English Unit 1: Conflict NEL