Perspective Unit Opener Talk About It Focus on Reading Evaluating to Form Opinions Anonymous Targets School for Suspending Student Who Refused a Tracking Chip Article by Liat Clark 195 196 197 199 222 Focus on Media Evaluating Production Perspectives Whose Art Is It, Anyway? Newspaper Article by René Adams 231 233 236 Winston Novel Excerpt by Cory Doctorow 202 206 208 210 No Word for … Blog Entry by Sheila North Wilson New Tool Provides Food for Thought Press Release by the Boston Public Health Commission Heartbeat Flash Fiction by Dan Evon Don’t Trust Hollywood to Teach You History Opinion Piece by And Palladino 238 Would You Like to Reconnect? Short Story by Joanne Harris Focus on Writing Creating Fluency 241 243 246 Focus on Genre Analyzing Persuasive Writing and the Opinion Piece My Challenge to You: Only Speak Like a Human Opinion Piece by Daniel H. Pink 215 Who Are the Elders? Personal Essay by Daniel Crowfeather 217 On Unmaking Contact Poem by Deena Kara Shaffer Sifter Poem by Naomi Shihab Nye Electronic Discrimination in the Skies Opinion Piece by Peter Nowak Life Poem by Charlotte Brontë Regeneration 222 225 Poem by Glynnis Ritchie Turning the Page Personal Essay by Robert Costanzo Charity or Scam? Report by Norah Muldoon 250 252 Who Killed the Wooden Hockey Stick? Opinion Piece by Joe O’Connor World of Warcraft versus My Girlfriend 228 Short Story by Tyler Curry Maybe Zombies Can Save Us from Our Comforts Opinion Piece by Tisha McComb Facebook Controversy Newspaper Reports by Louise Brown 254 Up for Debate 230 What Do You Think Now? Index Credits 258 259 262 NEL 217 Contents vii