Assessment for Learning cRitERia ● identify the purpose and thesis chEckiNg PROgRESS Demonstration Task Have students identify the thesis of “The Pocket Camera Moment” and comment on the essay’s organization, effectiveness of the introduction and conclusion, and use of supporting details. Have them use a graphic organizer or BLM 10: Understanding Essay Structure to record their answers. Key Assessment Questions Students may respond to the Key Assessment Questions in writing, or orally in a conference. ● How effectively did the author NExt StEPS For students who need further support with analyzing expository writing and the essay, use Differentiated Instruction (DI) To Support, page 52. For students who require more practice with analyzing expository writing and the essay, use the following texts: ● “Design That Fits to a Tee,” in expository essays ● analyze the way information is presented Record individual progress on BLM 3: Class Tracking Sheet: Genre—Analyzing Expository Essays, or on BLM 9: Rubric: Analyzing Expository Essays. SB page 93 ● “Worldwide We,” SB page 96 use the essay to communicate? ● How can you use your analysis For independent practice analyzing expository writing and the essay, have students explore one of the suggested Other Resources on page 5. of the way information was presented in an essay to improve your own writing? Additional selections on the theme of innovation are available online. Access via myNelsonLiteracy Online Teaching Centre. 54 Nelson English 10 Teacher’s Resource Unit 2: Innovation NEL