DI TO SuppOrT For students struggling with understanding the different types and styles of essays, distribute BLM 11: Understanding Essay Types and Styles and have them choose the most appropriate type for each purpose, using the list on Focus on Genre, SB page 92. Work with students to complete the third column, describing the style and type of language, supporting details, and transitions they might use for each type of essay. Discuss with students how knowing essay types helps them recognize the essay writer’s purpose so that they can make a better analysis. Encourage students to use the information to help them plan future writing tasks. AFTEr responding DI chALLENGE (SB page 103) DIScuSSION QuESTIONS Invite students to compare this selection with “In Defence of Pinterest” on SB page 114, in terms of each article’s thesis and message. Analyzing Thesis: How does the title “The Pocket Camera Moment” relate to Jonathon Keats’s thesis? What is he saying about digital cameras and associated technologies? Have students analyze the analogy at the start of the essay. Students should note that Keats’s thesis draws a parallel between pocket cameras of the past (the Brownie) and the ever-present and prevalent apps that are used today, suggesting that each represents a moment in time when the ways we interacted with photography changed. Analyzing Word Choice: Keats uses the phrase compulsively easy to describe the use of Instagram. What is he implying about people who use apps such as Instagram? Explain why this implication is accurate or inaccurate. Have students articulate their own opinions and reflect on the discussions they had before reading the selection. They could consider how the opinions and experiences expressed in those discussions supported or refuted the author’s implication. Responding Critically: Why did the editors of this selection use both an essay and an infographic? How does each piece support the other? Have students discuss with a partner how they approached the reading: Did they read one part before the other, or did they refer to the infographic as they were reading the essay? Did one form have more of an impact on them than the other? Are there similar themes in both forms? TASKS Writing a Blog Entry: Write a review of Instagram (or Hipstamatic or another photo-sharing site you use) that might appear on a blog for people serious about photography as a social activity. In your review, include the features that make the app distinctive, the audience that would find the app appealing, and a rating for the app. 52 Nelson English 10 Teacher’s Resource Unit 2: Innovation NEL