GENrE Essay ▼ APPLYING The pocket camera Moment Student Book, Pages 100–103 MatERiaLS ● Student Book pages 100–103 ● BLM 3, BLM 5, BLM 9, BLM 10, About the Selection ● ● BLM 11 Form: Essay Summary: This essay from Wired magazine explores photography as a social activity and the impact new innovations have on society. The accompanying infographic traces innovations in cameras over the years. Outcomes S/L: Speaking and Listening R/V: Reading and Viewing W/R: Writing and Representing R/V 6.2 Analyze personal points of view about issues, themes, and situations using evidence R/V 7.1 Evaluate stylistic techniques that contribute to meaning and effect R/V 7.2 Respond critically with support to content, form, and structure of texts W/R 9.3 Evaluate their use of strategies used to engage the audience Assessment for Learning: Overview ONgOiNg ObSERVatiON Students who understand will ● identify the purpose and aSSESSMENt Demonstration Task, page 54 Key Assessment Questions ● How effectively did the author use the essay to communicate? ● How can you use your analysis of the way information was presented in an thesis in expository essays ● analyze the way information is presented essay to improve your own writing? Assessment Tools BLM 3: Class Tracking Sheet: Genre—Analyzing Expository Essays BLM 9: Rubric: Analyzing Expository Essays DiffERENtiatED iNStRuctiON If students do not understand the strategies, use Differentiated Instruction (DI) To Support, page 52. 50 Nelson English 10 Teacher’s Resource Unit 2: Innovation NEL