Extension Options The following activities provide opportunities for students to respond to the text. Choose specific learning tasks based on student needs, or let students choose an activity based on their interests or learning styles. spEAKING AND LIsTENING: ANALYzING sONG LYrICs Research to find a song that connects strongly with either one of these poems. Present the lyrics to your classmates with an analysis of the song’s theme and language use. WrITING AND rEprEsENTING: VIsuAL prEsENTATION In a small group, prepare a visual presentation that highlights six to eight works of art inspired by war. Make sure that each work includes a description that identifies the medium, the year created, the artist, the event that inspired it (if applicable), and any other information you think your classmates will find relevant. WrITING AND rEprEsENTING: DIArY ENTrY Imagine that you are the soldier from “Dulce et Decorum Est,” or the narrator from “And He Said, Fight On,” and you are keeping a journal in which you vent about your struggles and conflicts. Write three entries representing three different days. Maintain the same voice and mood as in the poem. WrITING AND rEprEsENTING: ExpOsITOrY pArAGrApHs Wilfred Owen’s poem challenges the idea that “War is glorious.” What specific evidence from the poem leads you to either support or challenge this statement? Express your opinion in at least three paragraphs. 82 Nelson English 10 Teacher’s Resource Unit 1: Conflict NEL