Innovation Unit Opener Talk About It Focus on Reading Responding Personally, Critically, and Creatively Earth (A Gift Shop) Short Story by Charles Yu 69 70 71 Focus on Media 78 Analyzing Codes, Conventions, and Techniques The Canadian Oil Boom Infographic by Visual Capitalist 73 78 105 Mother of Invention Poem by Celia Berrell 107 110 Dreamer Poem by Langston Hughes Samantha Nutt: A Letter from 12 War Zones Interview by Maura Kelly 80 Saving the World through Game Design Blog Entry by Jane McGonigal In Defense of Pinterest 84 Article by Clive Thompson 114 116 Preserving Knowledge, Empowering Communities Article by Lisa Gregoire Jeremy Gutsche: Mister Chaos Newspaper Feature by Cathal Kelly Top of the World Biographical Article by Margaret Jetelina 88 Focus on Writing Organizing Ideas Airbus: Plane of the Future Photo Essay by Alex Davies 119 121 126 128 Focus on Genre Analyzing Expository Writing and the Essay Design That Fits to a Tee Article by Laura House 91 93 96 100 Top 25 Innovations Online Article posted on CNN Worldwide We Expository Essay by Cheryl Gilbert The Kitchen at the End of the Universe Essay by Scott Feschuk The Pocket Camera Moment Essay by Jonathon Keats Giving Garments a Second Chance Article by Patricia D’Cunha 130 The Mobile Photo Explosion Infographic by Over, Design by NowSourcing Up for Debate 104 What Do You Think Now? 132 NEL 80 Contents v