RESPondinG Discussion Questions AnAlyzIng AUDIEnCE REsPonsEs Do these authors want their audiences to laugh with or laugh at the characters they have created? Support your analysis. CoMPARIng TExTs Compare “A Teenage Philosopher Defends Missing Her Curfew” and “My Mom Is an English Teacher.” Consider the speakers, messages, themes, and humour in both. Support your analysis with details from the text. AnAlyzIng VoICE Choose either the rant or the song. What words best describe the voice of the speaker? tasks REsEARCH AnD InqUIRy Research the depiction of teenagers in popular culture. Create a presentation that explains how teenagers are commonly depicted in the media. Evaluate the impact of these depictions. WRITIng A REVIEW BRIDGE It’s not that I can’t talk, In fact I talk pretty good. I prolly talk better than most of yous would. Why do I get so much flak? What’s with all the condescension? Why she can’t just get off my back is beyond my apprehension. About a month ago Mom became my Facebook friend, And things between us have changed a lot since then. The other day I gave her profile page a look And I found some things that don’t exist in any grammar book. I saw her start a sentence with a lower-case letter, She misspelled several words, but wait—it gets better. Her lack of punctuation filled me with glee ’Cause that was when I realized my mom’s just like me! CHORUS ’Cause for all intensive purposes Irregardless of what you think of me, I’m not adverse to telling you how I feel. Not to exasperate the situation, But I could care less what your opinion is. It’s not like I’m the devil incarnal, What’s the big deal? NEL Choose one of the two texts and write a review. In your review, clearly explain your understanding of who the intended audience is and what that audience would or wouldn’t appreciate about the text. A Teenage Philosopher Defends Missing Her Curfew and My Mom Is an English Teacher 177