Contents Conflict Unit Opener Talk About It Focus on Reading The Trickster Short Story by Jacqueline Pearce 1 2 3 5 12 58 Focus on Media Identifying Point of View and Bias You Will Not Stop Me from Learning Newspaper Article by Rick Westhead Making Connections to Infer 43 45 Gay Kids Need It to “Get Better” Now, Rick Mercer Rants Blog Entry by Dakshana Bascaramurty No, Rick Mercer, Not All Gay Public Figures Need to Step Forward Editorial from the Globe and Mail Artists Respond to Conflict Artwork by Gonçalo Mabunda, Sabina Zeba Haque, and Nora Heysen 48 Fish Cheeks Personal Anecdote by Amy Tan 16 18 Focus on Writing What We Share Memoir Excerpt by Richard Wagamese Developing Ideas and Voice My Emergency Contact Information 53 55 Focus on Genre Analyzing Narrative Writing and the Short Story Scars Short Story by Don Aker 21 Letter by Ryan Abbott Why People Can’t Help Themselves Opinion Piece by Andrew Potter 58 23 30 Dulce et Decorum Est Poem by Wilfred Owen 62 Ashes Short Story by Susan Beth Pfeffer And He Said, Fight On Poem by Pauline Johnson Beyond Pastel Poem by Katherine Lawrence Teen on Strike 36 38 Newspaper Article by Tamie Dolny 64 66 Accident Short Story by Dave Eggers Tomorrow, Summer Short Story by Naomi Shihab Nye Remembering Joyce Atcheson Letter of Remembrance by Jody Porter Up for Debate 42 What Do You Think Now? 68 iv Contents 5 NEL