what do you think? “Part of the value of Pinterest is that it brings you out of yourself and into the world of things.” agree disagree In Defence of Virtual pin-up boards can be much more powerful than words Pinterest Article by Clive Thompson, from Wired, October 2012 users were women—many of whom avidly set up boards to organize their weddings, fantasize about home décor, or store workout-inspiration photos—numerous observers have concluded that Pinterest is pure fluff. “Banal, girly crap,” as one blogger posted. Beyond that, there’s also a gloomy suspicion that Pinterest, like Twitter before it, is an assault on literacy itself. Pinterest is for people who “will do anything to avoid having to read,” as another critic complained. This is almost certainly untrue (not least because women handily eclipse men in book reading). But these critiques are, inadvertently, on to something. As Rice discovered with her clients, Pinterest’s appeal is that it gives us curiously powerful visual ways to communicate, think, and remember. T Vigilance and Social Media Like most social media sites, Pinterest may be manipulated by marketing companies or organizations with special interests. Users of Pinterest need to question the purpose behind what they read, view, or watch. herapists often run into a curious problem during treatment: clients aren’t very good at describing their emotions. How exactly do you express the nature of your depression? So this spring, relationship counsellor Crystal Rice hit upon a clever idea. She had her clients use Pinterest, the popular picture-pinning social network, to create arrays of images that map out their feelings. It’s a brilliant epiphany: While emotions can be devilishly difficult to convey in words, they’re often very accessible via pictures. “This way, we can really identify what’s going on,” Rice says. And Rice’s idea, as it turns out, is a clue to a question that’s been debated a lot: Why the heck is Pinterest so popular? Critics love to hate the site, which lets you assemble collections of themed images. Because a significant majority of the first 114 Nelson English Unit 2: Innovation NEL