soCial exPlosion RESPondinG Discussion Questions AnAlyzIng ThesIs 70% OF ALL FACEBOOK ACTIVITy IS BASED ON PHOTOGRAPHS. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for uS$1.01 billion. How does the title “The Pocket Camera Moment” relate to Jonathon Keats’s thesis? What is he saying about digital cameras and associated technologies? AnAlyzIng Word ChoICe Keats uses the phrase compulsively easy to describe the use of Instagram. What is he implying about people who use apps such as Instagram? Explain why this implication is accurate or inaccurate. respondIng CrITICAlly TOP 4 FILTERS uSED ON INSTAGRAM 44.5% 11.1% 26 PHOTOS are uploaded every second Why did the editors of this selection use both an essay and an infographic? How does each piece support the other? tasks WrITIng A Blog enTry NORMAL 6.8% EARLy BIRD 4.2% #TAGS #LOVE #INSTAGOOD #ME #TBT #CuTE TOP 5 Write a review of Instagram (or Hipstamatic or another photo-sharing site you use) that might appear on a blog for people serious about photography as a social activity. In your review, include the features that make the app distinctive, the audience that would find the app appealing, and a rating for the app. respondIng CreATIvely X-PRO II RISE Choose either the essay or the infographic and produce a creative response using whatever media you wish. For example, you could create another type of infographic or a photo essay. Share your creative response with others and consider their feedback. uSERS 1 MILLION users in early 2011 27 MILLION users in March 2012 TWITTER MILLION versus INSTAGRAM MILLION about the author Jonathon Keats is a journalist, critic, and artist. His work has been published in Wired, ForbesLife, and the Washington Post. 6.9 7.3 NEL The pocket Camera Moment and The Mobile photo explosion 103