NoraHeysen Nora Heysen was a formally trained Australian artist whose talent was evident from early on. As a student at the School of Fine Arts in Adelaide, she was able to sell her paintings to art galleries across Australia. After graduation, she began winning awards, and in 1943 she was bestowed the great honour of becoming Australia’s official War Artist. She was the first female to be appointed to the role. Heysen was responsible for portraying the women supporting the war effort. “… I was lent around to all the services, the air force, the navy and the army, to depict the women working at everything they did during the war,” said Heysen. Her 170 portraits and still-life paintings from the war exposed Australians to realistic depictions of women hard at work. RESPondinG Discussion Questions AnAlyzing Point of View And BiAs Describe how each artist featured in this selection uses art to convey different views of conflict. What does each artist value? What does each artist want the audience to think or believe? MetACognition With which work of art was it hardest to make a connection? Why was it difficult? CRitiCAl liteRACy When you think of war, what images come to mind? Is what you visualize depicted by any of the artists? If so, how is it the same? If not, why do you think that is? tasks wRiting An ARt ReView Imagine you are a writer for an art magazine. You have been commissioned to write a review for an art show displaying the works presented in this selection. What will you tell your audience about the art and the artists at the exhibit? Write your review. deliVeRing A MonologUe Nora Heysen, in 1945, completes paintings she began while stationed in New Guinea as Australia’s War Artist. Imagine you are one of the works of art included in this selection. Give voice to the piece by telling your story in a monologue. Consider your origin and your purpose. Share your monologue with others. Heysen’s Transport Driver depicts 21-year-old Ethel Miles driving a large military bus. 52 Nelson English Unit 1: Conflict NEL