Try It Out -- Chapter 5, Lesson 4

Complete each statement using centimetres, metres, or kilometres.


The St. Lawrence River is about 1000 _____ long.


Beluga whales live in the St. Lawrence River.  These white whales can grow to about 5 ____ long.


Samuel de Champlain explored the St. Lawrence River in 1603. He was about 1½ _____ tall.


There are many creatures in the St. Lawrence River. Waterspiders race on top of the river. Waterspiders are about 3 ____ long.


Snow geese live on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Snow geese can grow up to 98 ____ long.


The St. Lawrence River has many shipwrecks. Old wooden paddlewheelers were about 55 ____ in length.


Some shipwrecks are at a depth of 25 ____  in the St. Lawrence River.


The source of the St. Lawrence River is the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes. It is about 311 ____ long.


Lighthouses guide ships out of dangers way on the St. Lawrence River. Lighthouses are about 16 ____ high.


Starfish live at the bottom of  the St. Lawrence River. Starfish are about 13 ____ long.

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