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Order Information

You have six easy ordering options:

For telephone and online orders, we accept VISA and MasterCard.


Nelson's policy is to identify the charge for the Harmonized/Goods and Service Tax (HST/GST) as a separate single item on each invoice. The tax rate applicable to each item is identified on each line on the invoice.

HST/GST#/T.P.S.: 846117190RT0001
QST #/T.V.Q.: 12 1323 1525 TQ0001


To view products and prices, please select one of the following options or contact Customer Support for pricing and availability. All prices are subject to change without notice.

School K-12 Catalogue
Higher Education Catalogue
Canadian Higher Education Bookstores
University/College Students
Retail Trade Catalogue
Assessment Catalogue

Price Quotes

Please note that all price quotes are valid for 30 days. All prices are subject to change without notice.
When placing an order based on a quote, the original quote must be provided or referenced. All orders based on quotes will ship complete as freight is quoted based on a complete shipment.

How do I request a Desk/Review Copy?

If you already have the details of the product you would like to request, simply fill out our online form by clicking here.

Otherwise you can visit Higher Education Catalogue by clicking here and follow the steps below:

  1. Search a product by title, author, ISBN or keyword

  2. Click on the title that is of interest to visit the product page

  3. Click ‘Request a Copy for Review’

  4. Fill out the form and click ‘submit’