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Assessment Support

The Teacher's Resource for Nelson Chemistry 11 contains a wide variety of assessment and planning tools.

Click on an underlined link in the directory below to view a sample of the assessment tools found in the Teacher's Resource. If you have purchased the Teacher's Resource, click here to register for access to the on-line Teacher's Resource, which will feature modifiable versions of all of the tools listed below.


Assessment Tools:

I. General Assessment
Assessment Planner for Science
Assessment Rubric 1: Knowledge/Understanding
Assessment Rubric 2: Inquiry
Assessment Rubric 3: Communication
Assessment Rubric 4: Making Connections
Assessment Rubric 5(a): Performance Task Process
Assessment Rubric 5(b): Performance Task Product and Presentation
Assessment Rubric 6: Research Skills
Diagnostic Assessment Master 1: Understanding Key Concepts
Diagnostic Assessment Master 2: Accessing Prior Knowledge
Self-Assessment Checklist 1: Inquiry Skills
Self-Assessment Checklist 2: Research Skills
Self-Assessment Tool 3: Connecting My Learning to the Performance Task
Tracking Sheet: Inquiry Skills

II. Lab Performance
Monitoring Performance
Laboratory Report Assessment
General Procedure/Skill
Laboratory Report


Curriculum and Assessment Map

  • appears at the beginning of each unit and at the beginning of each section
  • identifies the potential assessment opportunities in each lesson
  • show the relationship among these opportunities, the Achievement Chart categories, and suggests appropriate Assessment Tools to help assess student achievement of the expectations.

Correlation of Nelson Chemistry 11 to the Ontario University Preparation Chemistry 11 Curriculum

  • appears at the end of the Teacher's Resource
  • identifies overall expectations for each unit
  • provides correlation between overall skills and specific curriculum expectations and each section of the student text