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Supplementary Resources

PM Math  

PM Math: Numeracy and Literacy is a collection of 48 Little Books that introduce key mathematical concepts to early readers.

  • Carefully levelled texts use easy-to understand vocabulary for early readers
  • Captivating photographs and illustrations clearly support the math concept and key vocabulary
  • Math learning is set in a problem-solving context
  • Take-home activities highlight math, vocabulary, and high-frequency words

Order Information: PM Math: Numeracy and Literacy

Side by Side: Literacy and Math  

Side by Side: Literacy and Math is a unique series of levelled texts that connect language arts and mathematics through reading. Literacy strategies appear in meaninigful contexts and each book focuses on a different mathematics strand.

  • 10 titles levelled per grade for use in shared, guided, or independent reading
  • Variety of story formats and contexts that appeal to young children
  • Books are highly visual and contain strong picture-text match

Order Information: Side by Side: Literacy and Math

Harcourt Math Readers  

Harcourt Math Readers builds literacy and numeracy together!

  • Reinforce math concepts
  • Help children see tthat math is all around - at home, in school, in the playground, and everywhere
  • Promote reading, comprehension, critical thiking and problem solving skills

Order Information: Harcourt Math Readers

Harcourt Math Dictionaries


Harcourt Canada Using Math Vocabulary Dictionaries  provide:

  • Comprehensive, clear definitions
  • Attractive and functional use of colour and illustrations

Order Information:

Using Math Vocabulary Dictionaries - Primary

Using Math Vocabulary Dictionaries - Junior

Great Source

Mathematics Handbooks


Math to Learn (Grades 1-2)


Designed for students that are just starting out, Math to Learn presents basic math concpets in a simple-to-learn format. Lots of illustrations and clear explanations help students understand math concepts including numeration, addition and subtraction, money and time, basic geometry, measurement, graphing, and patterns.

Order Information:  Math to Learn

Math to Know (Grades 3-4)

This comprehensive, yet user-friendly handbook provides clear explanations and numerous examples to help students understand important math concepts including basic operations, mental math and estimation, fractions and decimals, algebra and geometry, graphing, statistics, and probability.

Order Information:  Math to Know

Math at Hand (Grades 5-6)


Math at Hand provides a resource for students in Grades 5 and 6 to find information on the math topics they're learning about - from mental math and problem solving, to graphing statistics and probability, to pre-algebra and geometry.

Order Information:  Math at Hand

Math on Call (Grades 6-8)


A handy resource for junior high or middle school, Math on Call is designed to help students become more independent in researching and reviewing math concepts and strategies.

Order Information:  Math on Call

Algebra to Go (Grades 8 and up)


Algebra to Go is a student-friendly resource that covers key and often complex math topics in a way that's clear and easily understandable for students - from numeration and number theory to estimation, linear and non-linear equations, geometry, and data analysis.

Order Information:  Algebra to Go

Geometry to Go (Grades 8 and up)


Geometry to Go is the latest in the series of mathematics handbooks and it is packed with numerous examples, detailed explanations, easy-to-follow charts and graphs to help teach, reinforce, and review key concepts.

Order Information:  Geometry to Go