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Surf For More Math


Lesson 4: Comparing and Ordering Fractions


Compare and order fractions with the same numerator and different denominators.

Instructions for Use

Fishy Fractions allows students to compare and order fractions.

To use Fishy Fractions, select “Comparing Fractions” under the list of topics and then click on “Begin Game”. Click on “How to Play” and read through the instructions. Click “Back” to get back to the game screen and then press “Start” to start playing. Students will see a fraction and try to pick a fraction that is greater or less than the one displayed.

Use your mouse to make the pelican fly and dive – try to avoid all the obstacles along the way.

Fractotron allows students to compare and order fractions of a whole.

To use Fractotron, read the instructions on the first screen and press the “GO” button to start. Decide if the fraction shown is equal, more or less than half. Use some estimation and mental pictures to help you but be quick, as the questions progress very quickly.