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Surf For More Math


Lesson 3: Doubling Multiplcation Facts


Double facts you know to calculate other multiplication facts.

Instructions for Use

Multiplication Hidden Picture allows students to test their knowledge of multiplication

To use Multiplication Hidden Picture, click on the “New Game” button. An equation will appear in the box to the left of the button. Find the answer in the grid and click on it. If you are correct, the answer box will disappear to reveal part of the hidden picture. If you are not correct, it will stay there and the correct answer will be shown underneath the grid. Continue answering the questions until all the boxes are clear from the grid and the hidden picture is revealed! Press the “New Game” button to start again and reveal and new hidden picture.

Space Racer X allows students to test their multiplication skills.

To use Space Racer click “Start Game”. You will be given two equations to solve. Type your answer in the white box and then press enter on your keyboard. Solving the left equation correctly will move your rocket ship to the left. Solving the right equation correctly will move your rocket ship to the right. Sometimes you have to make two moves right or left. You must navigate your rocket ship through the solar system and avoid the asteroids. Your goal is to travel as far as possible while gaining points and getting faster. The game ends when your rocket ship hits an asteroid.