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Surf For More Math


Lesson 10: Solving Problems by Working Backwards


Solve problems using the strategy of working backward.

Instructions for Use

Pumpkin Multiples allows students to practice strategies of multiplication and division.

To use Pumpkin Multiples, choose the multiple you want to focus on by clicking on the number on the front screen and then click on “play”. Move the ghost around the screen using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard and catch as many pumpkin multiples as possible while avoiding pumpkins that are not multiples. Use both strategies of multiplication and division to help you catch the right pumpkins as they fall faster and faster.

Math Hoops allows students to test their ability to understand word problems.

To use Math Hoops, read the word problem on the screen. Click on the white box and type in your answer. Press “check” to see if your answer is correct. Press “continue” to answer another question. Once you have answered five questions correctly, you will get a chance to play a quick game of basketball. Read the instructions and aim carefully!