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Surf For More Math


Lesson 7: Using Carroll Diagrams


Sort and classify numbers using Carroll diagrams.

Instructions for Use

Sort the Shapes 

To use Sort the Shapes, click on and drag each of the 12 coloured shapes on the left into the correct area of the Carroll diagram on the right. A shape dragged into an incorrect area will return to the space on the right. Once all 12 shapes are correctly placed, you can click on “start again” to play another round.

Carroll Diagrams

To use Carroll Diagrams, choose a problem from one of the 3 columns on the left and click on its button. An empty Carroll diagram opens with a set of numbers at its base. Read the attributes of the Carroll diagram and then click and drag each number into the correct row and column. To check your work at anytime, click on “check”. A check mark will appear on correctly sorted numbers and not on others. Click and drag incorrectly sorted numbers to their correct locations. If you want to play the same type of problem again, click on “again”. If you want to choose a new type of problem to play, click on “main”.

Carroll Diagrams 

To use Carroll Diagrams, click on the “Activity” tab at top. Read the directions on the right and the attributes of the diagram on the left. Note that “>” means “greater than” and that “<” means “less than”.  Begin by clicking on “Start” to start the timer and then click and drag each number into the correct row and column. When you have moved all the numbers into their correct positions you will see “Well done!” and the time you took to complete the task. If you don’t sort the numbers correctly in time you will see “Out of time!” To see the correct number positions, you can click on “Answer”.  To play the game again, click on “Reset” on the bottom right. To turn the timer off, click on “Untimed Activity”.