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Surf For More Math


Lesson 2: Constructing Pictographs


Construct and interpret pictographs.

Instructions for Use

Play Ball 

To use Play Ball, scroll down the list of games and click on “Play Ball”. Read the story on the first screen and then click the forward arrow to see the next screen. This and subsequent screens will have pictograph (picture graph) problems for you to solve. Read each problem, consider the data shown, and then click on the correct answer on the right. If you are correct, you’ll see a positive message in a new box. If not, the new box will display a hint to help you. In either case click on “OK”, correct any wrong answers and click “OK” again, and then click on the forward arrow to advance to the next problem. The last screen has a calculator button that you can click on to help you. Click on the back arrow, if needed, to review previous screens or to return to the beginning.

Study Zone Pictograph 

To use Study Zone Pictograph, read the first screen and then click under “Let’s Practice!” at the bottom. Consider the pictographs on the second screen and answer the questions that follow (Think of your answer, and then click on the drop down menu to reveal the correct answer). Then use the data in the table that follows to make your own pictograph and click on “Click Here to Check Your Pictograph”. The number of your pictures or symbols should match what is shown. Click at the bottom to go back one screen and then scroll down to the bottom of that screen and click under “Let’s Review”. Read through the summary.

Pictogram Graph

To use Pictogram Graph, read the instructions and decide on and enter a title for your pictograph in the long rectangle at the top of the table. Next, enter descriptions in the boxes provide on the left, of what each row represents, such as people you know, for example. Then choose a picture and colour, a scale, and the number of rows and columns in the boxes provided. Finally enter the number of your selected pictures by clicking on the appropriate line or on the “−“ or “+” boxes under the “Value” column on the right.