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Surf For More Math


Lesson 6: Dividing and Multiplying


Use arrays to relate division to multiplication.

Instructions for Use

Rectangle Division allows you to explore arrays for given dividends.

Change the dividend by clicking on the down arrow beside “Dividend” until it reads 25. Blue squares show complete arrays and red squares show remainders (leftover squares). You may scroll the box at the left of the screen up or down to change the numbers of squares in the arrays. Repeat this for other numbers less than 25.

Division Facts allows you to enter a division problem and then creates a model of the problem using arrays.

Click “New Problem” to begin. Choose a number between 1 and 81 to be divided. Type it  in the first box, then press “Enter.” Then follow the instructions to choose the number of groups, type it into the second box, then press “Enter.” Click “Divide” to watch the arrays be coloured differently to show the groups. Then click “New Problem” to try another division problem.