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Surf For More Math


Lesson 3: Grouping to Divide


Use words, models, and symbols to describe division by grouping.

Instructions for Use

Apple Baskets Division asks you to figure out the number of groups involved in division problems.

Select “5” from the drop-down list, then read the division problem. Count the number of baskets, or groups, to determine your answer, then type it in the white box. When the correct answer is entered, a new division problem will appear.

Exploring Division allows you to visualize division problems using manipulatives.

Click “New Problem.” The grey bar represents the total on the right. The bar of the other colour is the number in each group. Determine the number of groups needed to make the coloured bar be as long as the grey bar. Enter that number in the white box beside “number of groups,” then press “Enter.” Click “New Problem” to continue to the next problem.

You may also click “Make Problem” to model your own division problem by entering the total, the amount per group, and the number of groups in the white boxes at the right side of the screen. Press “Enter” after entering each number.

Counters allows you to create equal groups of counters to describe division problems.

Click on the stamp at the top left to add counters to your workmat. You can move counters around by using the hand. To show the total number of counters and the number of counters in each section, click on “123” at the bottom of the screen.

To delete a counter, click on the pencil eraser, then the counter you wish to delete. To clear the screen to start over, click on the broom, then click “Yes.”