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Surf For More Math


Lesson 4: Representing a Fraction in Different Ways


Use different materials and shapes to represent a fraction.

Instructions for Use

Fractions — Parts of a Whole allows you to model fractions in different shapes.

Model a fraction by clicking on pieces of the shape and see the fraction in numbers beside the shape. To change the number of pieces inside the shape, click the arrow buttons below the shape. Click “New Whole” to try showing the same fraction in another shape.


Melvin's Make a Match asks you to match fractions with their representations. Note that the first two rounds of questions are most appropriate for you.

Click “Instructions,” then “Next” as you read through the game instructions. Then click “Play Game” to begin. Click on any bottle, then click on the bottle containing the matching fraction or picture. If they don’t match, try again. Click “Next Round” to continue to the next level when all the bottles have been matched.

In the second round, a fraction may appear more than once. Match any bottle that shows the fraction to any other bottle that shows the same fraction.