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Surf For More Math


Lesson 7: Communicating about Graphs


Describe data shown in graphs or charts.

Instructions for Use

Animal Island Data asks you to answer questions about data shown on bar graphs.

Click the “Really Hard” level, then click “Play” to begin. Look at the clipboard for the question to answer, then look at the bar graph to figure out your answer. Select your answer from the blue text at the top of the clipboard.

Let's Graph has you show data on a pictograph and then answer questions about the data.

Look at the tally chart, then show how many students chose the first option (flashing) by dragging happy faces onto the pictograph below. Note that each happy face stands for 5 students. If you make a mistake, click on the pencil eraser beside the happy faces to delete a happy face. Click “Check” to check your answer, then click the arrow to fill in your answer for the next row of the pictograph.

When the pictograph is complete, answer the questions at the top right of the screen by clicking on an answer. Then click the arrow to continue to the next question. When complete, click “Play Again” to repeat the process for other data.