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Surf For More Math


Lesson 4: Using Mental Math to Add and Subtract


Add and subtract 1-digit and 2-digit numbers using mental math strategies.

Instructions for Use

Tumbleweed's MathMaze allows you to use mental math strategies to add and subtract as you proceed through a maze.

First choose Medium. Click on the “Pop-o-Matic” die in the blue circle to start playing. Read the addition or subtraction problem in the speech balloon, then click on the answer in the orange arrow below. Click on the die to continue playing and answer the problems until you reach the “Finish” circle.

Cross the Swamp has you use mental math to add and subtract as you help a monkey cross a swamp.

Choose the game “Addition and Subtraction” and number level “0-20.” Click on one of the two flashing logs. Read the math problem on the calculator, and figure out how to get to the last number by adding or subtracting. On the calculator, click on “+” or “-,“ and then enter the numbers to make the math problem correct. If you need help, click a “Help” frog to look at a 100 chart. Continue this process until the monkey gets across the swamp.

Add It Up allows you to practise mental math strategies to add up to a target number.

Click “Play” to start. You have 100 seconds to click on numbers in the grid to add up to the number on the right. If you reach the target number, the numbers you selected will disappear, the counter will reset, and a new target number will appear. If the selected numbers do not add up to the target number, the selected numbers will appear again.