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Lesson 6: Counting Money


Use skip counting to count the value of coins.

Instructions for Use

Farm Stand Game has you use skip counting to determine the total cost of farm goods.

Enter your name, then click “Start.” Read the numbers of apples and eggs. Then look at the prices of each. Use skip counting to add up the total cost. Enter your answer in the white box above the word “Total,” then click on the apple to the right to check your answer.

Buy It asks you to choose denominations of money to add up to a given total.


First, pick a level—either Easy or Medium. Then look at the price given on the white price tag in the top right corner. Click on the different coins and dollars to add up to the price. Your total so far appears in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen. When you reach the correct total, you move on to the next problem. If your answer is too high, you will be asked to try the problem again.