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Lesson 4: Comparing and Ordering Numbers


Compare and order whole numbers.

Instructions for Use

Gumball Surprise asks you to compare three-digit numbers, indicating which is greater or less.

When the machine shows two numbers, answer the question below them by clicking on the appropriate number. Then click on the arrow to continue to the next question.

Number Machine asks you to try to create a three-digit number greater than another given number.

To begin, click “Play the Game.” Look at Hacker’s Machine’s number and use “Your Numbers” to try to create a greater number. To put “Your Numbers” into “Your Machine,” click on each number in the order you would like it to appear in the machine. When your three-digit number is in the machine, a pop-up screen will tell you if you’ve answered correctly. If you cannot make a greater number with your given numbers, click on “Can’t Be Bigger” beneath “Your Numbers.”