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Lesson 1: Representing Numbers


Represent 3-digit numbers in different ways.

Instructions for Use

Numbers to 1000 asks you to identify how many hundreds, tens, and ones are represented by base ten blocks.

Look at the base ten blocks and type the number of hundreds, tens, and ones in the squares below. Then type the full number in the box after the = sign. Click “Check” to check your answer, then click on the arrow to go to the next question. When a set of questions is completed, you will see a surprise.

Cookie Dough has you spell or write out numbers to fill out “cookie cheques.”

Under Method 1, click “0 and 1000.” Look at the number in the white box at the right to see how many cookies the cheque is for. Then spell out that number in the long white box below. Click “Sign It” to check your answer. After completing the game, click “Play ‘Cookie Dough’ again,” then click “0 and 1000” under Method 2. This time, type the number digits in the white box to match the spelled-out number, then click “Sign It.”

Place the Penguins asks you to form a given number using hundreds, tens, and ones.

Click on “Level 2 Units, 10s and 100s.” Look at the number Dave is holding, then place the first penguin on the correct hundreds. Then, place the second penguin on the correct tens, and the third penguin on the correct ones.