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Surf For More Math


Lesson 5: Showing Patterns on Number Lines and Grids


Show a pattern in a way that can help you solve a problem.

Instructions for Use

Numberlines allows you to manipulate a number line to show and complete increasing patterns.


Click and drag the coloured boxes with question marks inside overtop of numbers on the number line to create a pattern. Then select “Random 1-10,” “Random 11-20,” “Random 21-100,” “1’s,” “10’s,” or “100’s” to view different increasing patterns on the number line. If boxes are left overtop the number line, try to figure out the hidden numbers using a pattern rule. Then, check your guesses by moving the boxes off of the number line. You can also click on “Make a Line” to choose your own starting number and increment (number to increase the pattern by), and “Clear Line” to erase your number line.